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Fairies Make Rainbows

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It all started with a magical wish and a spark of imagination and sprinkle of magic... then.. whoosh... Fairy Abbey and Wizard Herman appeared!


Who would have thought all those years ago, that a fairy and wizard would be ever so lucky to fly across the rainbow and into the houses and hearts of children entertaining them with magic, games, face painting, ballooning and best of all, play!

It just shows with a sprinkle of belief and courage and creativity, anything is possible.

With love 

Fairy Abbe


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Rainbow storybook.jpg

Fairy Abbey & Wizard Herman are committed to making your event truly magical. 

From fairy and wizard parties, to roaming entertainment, face painting, balloon sculpting and educational visits, each event is tailored to suit your or your little one's needs.

Offering over 15 years experience working with children, teaching and entertainment and liability insurance, Fairy Abbey and Wizard Herman provide knowledge and professionalism in their approach. 

So, come with us and have a magical fairy day

With Fairy Abbey & Wizard Herman

the best of friends, who play!


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Fairy Abbey

 Fairy Abbey is a Rainbow Fairy whose wish is to make every fairy and wizard's birthday truly magical. She adores the laughter and happiness of children and loves being a part of their worlds and imagination. From the moment Fairy Abbey arrives at your door in her rainbow dress and with her rainbow rug and suitcase full of goodies, your little one is enchanted by her magic and beaming smile. She offers over twelve years experience with children and studies in child development and counselling, a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Journalism, a Graduate diploma of teaching and a Masters of Literature and Writing. Fairy Abbey has taught students from lower primary school through to University, stretching her imagination and wings far and wide. With her own four fairy girls, she has learnt a thing or two! Her fairy vision at Fairies Make Rainbows is to create a safe place where children can be involved in imaginative play, such as role playing in an adventure fairytale or simply believing in the endless possibilities of pretend! She incorporates crafty activities into her parties to inspire creativity and learning how recycled materials can be used to create something new. She offers movement games where children can freely express themselves, and take a mindfulness and explorative approach to her visit, promoting children's abilities to solve problems, connect with emotions, encourage independence and communication skills.  Children love to play and so does Fairy Abbey! With her wealth of knowledge and true love for being a fairy, she will make your day a Fairy Fantastic one!. 


Wizard Herman

Wizard Herman is a magician that is often wacky and very silly. He loves making children laugh and tries his very best to do his tricks right, but often something goes wrong and poor Wizard Herman can’t figure out why. The children delight in Herman’s mistakes and often help him out of tricky situations by doing their own magic for him. Fairy Abbey is always there to help wacky Herman too, although Herman is always trying to make her disappear with his wandering wand. Herman has over eight years experience entertaining children and a Doctorate in Philosophy—like all good wizards do! Herman’s vision for Fairies make Rainbows is to teach children that it does not matter if you get everything right, but what counts is to have fun along the way. His show encourages children to be curious, to challenge perception, to problem solve, and to be communicatively expressive. With his tricks, ballooning and so much more... Wizard Herman can make any party a wacky one!

Wizard Herman



Arty the dog

Silly Snail

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